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Butler Boats Dinghy Repair
Dinghy Repairs and Insurance Work

We undertake a wide range of repair and insurance jobs, we have a good working relationship with dinghy insurance companies and are happy to provide quotes for repair work.

Recent work has included repair to a Streaker side deck and hull when it was damaged due to high winds whilst sat in a dinghy park.

Winter Servicing. We are happy to carry out a winter service on your dinghy in the coming months, the service consists of stripping and then flatting the decks in preparation for a re-spray. The fittings are then cleaned up and fitted securely back onto your boat. What better way to start next season than with a gleaming re-finished boat. We are happy to carry out any additional works or more detailed repairs should your dinghy need that extra little bit of attention.
This service is not just limited to the classes we build so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The images of the Mirror 16 you see below is more specialist work we undertake, being a rather rare dinghy the Mirror 16 was a big project but thoroughly worthwhile when you see the reaction on the customers face!

The top deck, floor and hull were entirely stripped and replaced, with added inlays, finished with our epoxy system and finally sprayed to create essentially a brand new Mirror 16, whilst we were only able to retain only a small amount of original timber, we were able to copy the original design and ensure the dinghy can be enjoyed for another 50 years.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any work required, wed be happy to help in any way we can.

Mirror 16 refurbishment project

Butler Boats Mirror 16 Refurbishment

Butler Boats Mirror 16 Refurbishment internal Butler Boats Mirror 16 Refurbishment final

Streaker repair

Butler Boats Streaker Dinghy Refurbishment

Some past projects

We work in conjunction with most Boat Insurers, including Noble Marine