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FRP Miracle
Bare Boat - £ POA
Ready to Race - £ POA
Composite Miracle
Self Build Kit - £ POA
Bare Hull Epoxied - £ POA
Bare Hull Finished - £ POA
Ready to Race - £ POA
Wood Miracle
Bare Hull Epoxied - £ POA
Bare Hull Finished - £ POA
Ready to Race - £ POA
We also provide
the following items
Set of Sails - £ POA
Spinnaker Bags - £ POA
Breathable Over Cover - £ POA
Under Cover - £ POA
Breathable Flat Towing - £ POA
Combi Trailer/Trolley - £ POA
Double Stacker - £ POA
Just a Trolley - £ POA
Please do call for information and prices on fixtures and fittings and any other additional requirements.

All prices include VAT
59 KG

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Images of Butler Boats Miracles

Butler Boats GRP Miracle

Why should you buy a Miracle?

The Miracle is a wonderfully versatile dinghy, designed in 1975 this dinghy has stood the test of time and we are still receiving orders for new boats regularly, we think the Miracle is a somewhat misunderstood creature, the older brother of the hugely popular Mirror Dinghy, the Miracle offers stability to youngsters learning how to crew, fun, excitement and enjoyment for the competitive sailors out there and reassurance and a sense of maturity for those wishing to use the Miracle as a training boat.

An all wood Miracle, aesthetically, is about as pleasing on the eye as you can get with a sailing dinghy, our recently developed Ďthickí floor has now provided the Miracle with a stiffness and rigidity which has previously been unachievable or against the rules!

If you prefer a slightly different build with a combination of fibre glass and timber then our Composite Miracle is what you need, again the stiffness achieved by the closed cell 6mm and 8mm foam against the timber and plywood bulkheads makes for an incredibly strong build.

An FRP Miracle also ticks the boxes, aesthetically pleasing, offering a wide range of colours, this version of our Miracle is ideal for those wishing to use the Miracle for training purposes within clubs or under the RYA Sailability Programmes.

You should buy a Miracle because whether you are experienced or not you can enjoy sailing in this dinghy, itís competitive and has a broad Open circuit with a regular and well attended National Event, the Committee is experienced and always on hand to help out, ourselves as the only professional builders of the Miracle are always willing to help out, offer advice on new or old boats, sailing strategy and equipment, call or email, we build for you!

Look out for more updates on our Facebook page with regard to the upcoming Miracle Nationals to be held at Rutland Water from Sunday 9th August to Friday 14th August 2015

Butler Wave

We offer the full range of build options with the Miracle, wood, FRP, and composite.

Our Miracles cover a broad range of sailing options, as a racing dinghy with spinnaker, a cruising boat and an ideal training boat for clubs and sailing schools looking for a stable, reliable and cost efficient sailing dinghy.

All Miracles are built with the now standard central spinnaker chute, half height forward tank and sloped decks designed for comfort when out on the water.

The wood Miracle is an aesthetically pleasing boat, built to minimum weight, with a stiff epoxied superstructure it satisfies the racing and cruising membership.

The composite Miracle provides the aesthetics of a wooden construction with a fibreglass hull, built with a stiff internal superstructure the composite offers a happy medium between both wood and fibreglass options.

The FRP Miracle is of the same design as the composite and can be produced in a variety of colours, it again satisfies the racing and cruising membership.

Over the years we have gained a reputation for innovation, so itís no surprise that you may have spied a few changes. The most noticeable being the central spinnaker chute, enabling easier deployment and recovery. The half height forward tank helps displace water and acts as a natural platform for the spinnaker to rest on. The central chute is available on all types of Miracle.

The new inboard jib sheeting positions is a recent modification.

Butler Wave

Butler Miracle Dinghies in action
Butler Wave