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Combi Trailers & Trolleys
Combi Trailer & Trolleys - £ poa
Butler Boats Dinghy Trolley

Our Trailer/Trolleys are again specifically designed to suit the classes we build; we have developed the trailers over the years and we feel we have the best design suited for towing long or short distances. This year we have developed the mast support which when needed drops down to support the trailer itself. Please call or email for more information

Double Stacker
Double Stacker - £ poa

Our Double Stacker is a great new addition. As you can see from the images it easily stacks two Streakers, but can also cater for Farrs, Miracles, Herons and Solos. The frame has been designed in order that a boat can be lifted onto the top base with minimal effort. Our Double Stackers can, if needed, be tailored to your specific needs.

Please call or email for more information

Cradles - £ poa

We provide excellent cradles for the Streaker/Miracle/Heron and Farr Classes, all of which have been specifically designed to give the best support and cushioning for the hulls. The cradle is formed from a fibre glass mould and timber support which is epoxied and then glassed over to give optimum strength and durability. The cradle itself is then covered with a dense foam and finished with a fluted rubber strip which ensures water is not held under the hull.

Please call or email for more information

Butler Boats Racing Foils


We provide foils for all of the classes we build, they are block laminate, epoxied and varnished.

Streaker Dagger Board - £ poa
Sheathed Streaker Dagger Board - £ poa
Wood Streaker Rudder - £ poa
Sheathed Streaker Rudder - £ poa
Aluminium Streaker Rudder - £ poa
Miracle Centre Board - £ poa
Miracle Rudder - £ poa
Heron Centre Board - £ poa
Heron Rudder - £ poa
We can sheath the foils if desired and can also paint the boards upon request.

We are also able to supply the foils at any stage of completion for home builds.

We are more than happy to carry out repairs to any damaged rudders, centre/dagger boards from any class.

Please call or email for more information

Mast Bags
Mast Bag - £ poa

New off the Butler Boats development production line is our high visibility mast bags, the mast bag is a durable material which will contain the gooseneck, halyard and shrouds all neatly concealed in a perfectly fitting bag. The high visibility orange is ideal when towing.

Please call or email for more information

Tie Down Pads
Tie Down Pads - £ poa

Boat Tie Down Pads Fresh off the Butler Boats production are our new Tie Down Pads, perfectly shaped and designed to protect the deck and gunwhale of your boat from scuffs and scrapes whilst travelling.

The pad is robust and durable and an ideal addition to every sailors travelling kit. Please call or email for further information on Butler Boats latest innovation.

Boat Tie Down Pads

Please call or email for more information

Daggerboard, Centreboard & Rudder Bags
Streaker Dagger Board Bags - £ poa
Streaker Rudder Bags - £ poa
Miracle/Heron Rudder Bags - £ poa
Butler Boats Boat Tidy

Butler Boats are pleased to unveil our daggerboard, centreboard and rudder bags.

Specifically designed to fit the foils we provide with all the classes we build, there is a handy Velcro lining at the top which makes for a nice fit and prevents the board from falling from the bag, we have also designed a neat mesh at the bottom of the bag, should your foils be wet, this allows the water to run freely from the bag with no worries of the board sitting in a damp/wet environment.

Boat foil cover

Please call or email for more information

Boat Tidy
Streaker Boat Tidy - £ poa
Miracle Boat Tidy - £ poa
Butler Boats Boat Tidy

We have over recent years been developing our Boat Tidies for the Streaker and Miracle classes, we have found they provide an excellent addition to competitive and cruising dinghy sailors alike, holding a course board, drinks holders and additional space for containing any number of sheets from within the cockpit, the Boat Tidy is a must have for all dinghy sailors!

Please call or email for more information

Boat Covers

We can provide a wide range of Boat Covers, essentially undercovers, over-boom covers, flat-towing and flat mast-up covers, all made from a breathable polycotton material the covers are durable, well fitted to the classes we build and competitively priced.

Please call or email for more information

Butler Boats Boom Brace
Boom Brace - £ poa

The Boom Brace sits securely in the centre case slot and is designed to hold your boom in the centre of your Streaker, with the new reduced Aft Tank enabling you to travel with the boom in the boat, this latest product gives you the peace of mind that your boom is secure within your boat and will not cause any damage whilst on the road.

There is also no requirement to breakdown your boom for travelling, just another added bonus this great product offers.

Please call or email for more information


We stock an extensive range of dinghy components. Please call us on 01482 669848 for information.

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