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Does your dinghy look tired ?

Have you taken off the gaffer tape yet ?

Need those dinks and scratches
repairing and re-spraying ?

Look no further than the well renowned BUTLER BOATS WINTER SERVICE.

For ONLY £300 you can have your decks flattened down and re-sprayed! Your boat will not only be ready and fit for the new season but will have the look and feel of a new boat (dependant on the condition we get it in of course!)

But seriously, please do give us a call and book a slot with us for your dinghy! We are more than happy to advise on home repairs if required or can take on the more substantial repairs if needed so please take us up on this wonderful offer and give your beloved dinghy the fresh face for 2016!

High quality sailing dinghies for leisure and racing.
Whether you enjoy leisure sailing, are an association member, youth group, boat club or dinghy racer you will be delighted with Butler Boats. Butler Boats specialise in building high quality sailing dinghies with the reputation of winning the national classes.

Butler Miracle Dinghy Miracle Logo
Butler Boats composite Miracle has a foam reinforced vinyl ester, epoxy hull teamed with timber superstructure. It features the new chute position and displays the Butler Boat trademark curved thwart. Epoxy coatings and fillets make the boat strong and down to minimum weight.
Butler Streaker Dinghy Streaker Logo
Butler Boats Streakers have an excellent reputation as lightweight and fast boats. We build fibreglass boats in foam reinforced plastic (FRP). All our fibreglass Streakers are built of FRP to add strength and stiffness, keeping weight to a minimum.
Butler Heron Heron Logo
Our winning design is achieved by careful performance analysis, retaining strength and buoyancy as well as maximising comfort and space for the helm and crew. The new Heron – a truly versatile racing dinghy for all the family and competitors alike.
Butler Farr 3.7 Farr 3.7 Logo
An awesome 3.7m Sailing Dinghy, design by Bruce Farr. A 12 foot one person sailing dinghy (skiff) with a trapeze and planing hull. Butler Boats are now manufacturing this amazing boat in GRP and FRP.

Butler Wave

Unsure which class will suit you? Why not ring 01482 669848 or 07768 853116 - just ask for Dave for expert advice.

Butler Boats has been building championship winning boats since 1995. Starting with wooden Streakers, we have increased our range to include Miracle, Heron and the latest addition, the Farr 3.7. The boats we build are established dinghy classes, originally designed by Jack Holt, with the exception of the Farr 3.7.

We have built up close working relations with the respective associations, constantly developing ideas with association members to improve the class and our customers racing and cruising experience.

We build to order and offer a bespoke service to cater for each customers’ requirements. We have an excellent reputation for producing lightweight and fast boats and all our timber is sourced from sustainable forests.

We appreciate all customer feedback and if viable will always keep developing our boats to meet customers' requirements.

We are well respected by the main dinghy associations and are pleased to build boats which are selected for display on the leading association exhibition stands and have relationships with
  • Heron Dinghy Class Association
  • Streaker Class Association
  • Miracle Class Association

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What our Customers say...

Over the last eight years I have had two boats from Dave and Andy, and their aftercare has been second to none.

Its great to be able to talk to my boatbuilder and get what I want.

Butler Boats? Excellent boats, excellent service!

A uniquely personal service.

It is a pleasure to buy a boat that has been so lovingly crafted.

" Over the years we have become used to mass produced goods, and in many cases that brings the convenience of low price, reproducible quality, and instant availability. This is as true with sailing dinghies as with any other product. However, what a joy it is to have a racing dinghy craftsman built, unique to you, and to feel involved as the building process develops from a few pieces of sawn wood into a beautifully finished craft, which, in my case, I know will be much more capable than me.

That is why I have now had two boats built by Dave Butler and his team. I have had immense pleasure in seeing the boats gradually emerge from the deceptively effortless craftsmanship, and I have totally enjoyed sailing Etty Ketty (Miracle 4050 - the best Miracle ever made in my opinion) for the last two years. Judging by her looks I am sure that my new boat, a Streaker, will be just as good, and sadly, I will be the same as ever.

Thanks to the team at Butler boats for putting up with me again, and always making me feel welcome. "

Latest News

Preparations are well under way for this years’ RYA Dinghy Show, we have boats to exhibit on the Streaker, Heron and Miracle stands this year. Having invested in our own stand for the past couple of years we are happy to take a step back and devote our time solely to the Association stands, this means we will be on hand to discuss all things Streaker, Miracle, Heron and you never know possibly Farr 3.7 if you can catch us!

The opportunities made available to us by working so closely with the associations is great for all parties and we are really looking forward to a great show this year, the boats we will be exhibiting are well on course and the final touches are being made to really present the boats in the most professional yet cared for way possible.

Our approach has always been to show what we do best, provide competitive dinghies for a wide range of sailor in an encompassing way which hopefully gives our customers a foundation from which they can enjoy their brand new boat, their recently refurbished or repaired boats and/or any advice or direction needed.

We are delighted to be making great strides with the Farr 3.7, our new UK Treasurer Myles Mence is flying off the South Coast in his Composite Farr whenever possible and looks to be a real catch for the UK Farr community, as always the committee are well behind the class and are on hand to discuss the boat if required. We currently have our second Composite Farr under construction and hope to have the boat out on the water shortly, check out: and For the latest Farr 3.7 news, musings and all topics Farr 3.7!

We’ll be investing heavily in the Miracle and Heron again this year and we’ll keep you posted with the latest news regarding these two magnificent classes throughout the year.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

February 2016

Please take a look at our For Sale Page for a number of great deals on second hand boats, we currently have available an all wood Streaker, FRP Heron, all wood Miracle and a few more to come. There are some fantastic opportunities to grab yourselves some excellent boats at reasonable prices.

Butler Boats Miracle Dinghy

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